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Hi, I’m Yunetta. I can’t wait to support you alongside your EMDR journey!

 About Me

“So let me get this straight, you’re going to wave your fingers in my face, or I’m going to tap like I’m in a casket and then I’m supposed to just magically feel better?”

My response, “Well kind of sort of, but not really”.


When I first introduced EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy to my BIPOC clients, our conversations would sound a lot like what you just read. I had a lot of ground to cover as a new BIPOC EMDR therapist. So, I established Ground Breakers so you wouldn’t have to. I created Ground Breakers to help individuals and clinicians understand the hype around EMDR. Most importantly, I created this space so clinicians can feel what it's like to connect and consult in communities that are comprised of other EMDR therapists. 

 I’m here to help.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR Approved Consultant, I absolutely love coaching and supporting others as they embark on their journey with EMDR. It is my hope that this will be a space where therapists and clients can feel inspired, confident, capable, and clear on how to integrate EMDR into their daily practices.  

I am a groundbreaker, a stigma breaker, and a cycle breaker who cultivates spaces for healing, wholeness, compassion, and change. It is my hope that I can encourage everyone I encounter to embrace taking off their mask, embody standing in their truth, and experience loving what they see.

About Ground Breakers

Ground Breakers sprung forth in 2020 the year when the suppression of racial trauma was no longer sustainable. The pandemic forced us to sit still, and our pain rose to the surface. Groundbreakers understands the struggle and strives to be a part of the solution with EMDR. We honor diverse communities. We support those who have various backgrounds. We show up with various shapes, skin, and sizes. We value different beliefs, practices, traditions, customs, and cultures. Our diversity is our strength, and although we are strong, we still deserve to be supported, and although we are resilient, we still deserve rest, and although we are whole, we still deserve to heal and learn in safe spaces.

Ground Breakers is designed to support several communities like: 

  • Individuals seeking BIPOC clinicians in their area
  • Therapists seeking a BIPOC supervisor or consultant
  • Therapist looking for EMDR training
  • Allies committed to serve and support BIPOC communities

Ground Breakers is committed to supporting anyone who desires to advocate and cultivate change within BIPOC communities.

Our Mission

Ground Breakers Therapy strives to make the services of BIPOC EMDR therapists more accessible and visible to those in need. By creating a space specifically for those who desire to heal their trauma.  We strive to provide easy access for trauma-informed therapists seeking consultation, training, and those who desire to utilize a BIPOC EMDR consultant. We will grow to be the primary access point for those who desire to learn more about the healing trauma by providing consultation, courses, connection, and community.

Break Stigmas, Break Cycles, Heal Trauma, and Break Ground


Break Cycles. Break Stigmas. Break Ground.

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