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What is EMDR?


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), is an extensively researched and effective psychotherapy proven to help people recover from the result of trauma or distressing life experiences. Rather than talking, EMDR uses eye movements and other forms of stimulation to activate the brain’s ability to resolve these concerns. 

Instead of directly addressing emotions, thoughts, and responses resulting from the traumatic experiences, EMDR focuses directly on memory. This type of therapy is intended to change the way that memory is stored in the brain. This will reduce and eliminate the problematic symptoms.

EMDR is different from other psychotherapy methods because: 

There is no detailed talking about distressing issues

It allows the mind to heal from psychological trauma as much as the body recovers from physical trauma 

No homework

Defining BIPOC...


BIPOC is a term used to describe the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities. This term allows us to make the shift away from terms like “marginalized” or “minority”. The term is used to show the solidarity between black people, indigenous people, and people of color in the United States.


-African (American) or Caribbean descent

-Some individuals prefer to identify themselves based on the country or region their families originated (Nigerian American or Dominican)



-Native individuals of North America. Indigenous is a broad term when referring to all tribes of the original residents of the continent.

More specific terms:

-Native Americans
-Native Alaskans or Alaska Natives 
-First Nations


-A blanket term that describes people who are non-white. 

More specific terms: 
-East Asian
-South Asian
-Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander

What makes this directory unique?


 The directory is unique because it is a one-stop-shop servicing the client and clinician simultaneously. Providing both the client and the therapist with diverse, culturally affirming, clinicians and consultants. The directory is designed with BIPOC communities and clinicians in mind. We recognize that we all choose various paths to mend. We will build bridges to connect clients with other aligned directories. Our mission is to collectively break stigmas, break cycles, and break ground. 

We are here to make your search for trauma-informed therapists simple. Striving to continuously make trauma therapy more accessible to disenfranchised and marginalized communities of color.

Find an EMDR Therapist the Specializes in...


I do not have room for second best. I have to do more than the rest. I am constantly worried about what is to come. I am more prepared than some. When it is time to make decisions I sometimes second guess, people call me a perfectionist. Sometimes I don’t understand why I am this way; I need absolute conformations, and certainty throughout my day. Unpredictable doesn’t sit well with me. I'm a POC with anxiety.


Just because I’m getting up does not mean I’m ok. I feel the weight and burden of every day. Sometimes I cannot sleep, sometimes I can’t eat. Sometimes I can’t stop the tears. I’ve dealt with this low for years. Sometimes I wonder if people see the real me so I try to make a good impression. I am a POC with depression.

Eating Disorders

Don’t eat this, Don’t eat that, you are too thin, you're too fat. When I look in the mirror I rarely like what I see. Am obsessed with changing my body. I don’t quite understand my relationship with food. I know sometimes it helps me to deal with my moods. I am exhausted, I am scared, my life feels like an awful way to live. Always on edge living on the border. I am a POC with an eating disorder.

Racial Trauma

The pain runs deep. It lives in my veins. Flashes of fear stay on my brain. What I’ve witnessed you may never know. How uncomfortable I feel within my body I may never show. But isn’t this normal? I grew up this way. This type of thing happens every day. I’m not surprised I’m not shocked by what I see. I’m a POC who has experienced Racism, and it has traumatized me.

Spiritual Trauma

My relationship with God is/was everything, but now it’s not enough. I was/am committed to my faith but I feel that I can never measure up.  I've tried to connect but I'm consumed with guilt and shame. I pray but my situation hasn't changed. I'm questioning if God has forgotten about me.  Because the reality is the people who claim to love him are the ones who violated me. I am spiritual but I still cuss a little “judge yo momma”. I'm a POC with spiritual trauma.

Childhood Trauma

What is safety, what is peace. What is protection, what is ease. What is security, what is love. My dysfunction makes me fear all of the above. I live my life in survival mode waiting for the next worst thing. I approach my relationships with caution and over commitment fearful of losing a “good thing”. I am successful, I'm reliable, but I often wear a mask. I'm trying to move forward but I'm haunted by my past. Who will cry for the little boy and girl that lives deep down within this neglected POC who wasn't supposed to win.