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Are you a therapist looking to pause, reflect, and check in with yourself or dig deeper in your purpose?


I am here are here to support you. Our coaching programs are designed to support and navigate therapists through any of the complexities that may arise. 

Coaching Sessions

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Dig Deeper Session

We will explore your goals, identify your blocks, and fertilize your strengths together. Schedule a hour of power with me.

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Survey the Land Session

Lets address and explore the areas of concern and enhance areas that promote safety, inclusivity, and equity for your clinicians as well as your clients.

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Self-Care Check In Session

Together we can pause, reflect, and take a moment to check in before you check out. e will assess your existing self care practices and begin creating a new or revised strategy to fit your current needs.

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Collaboration Meeting

Lets discuss the details of a speaking engagement or project! Book your collaboration request meeting here.

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EMDR SOS Meeting

We understand things happen and unexpected situations with clients may arise. Book this SOS consultation and let me help you navigate through the EMDR waters.

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Take the Struggle out of Self-Care Workbook

Do you feel exhausted, struggle with self-care, or feel the flames of burnout approaching? You are not alone.

This 6-week eBook was created with tools, tips, and strategies to support the healthy relationship with yourself that you deserve. I'm here to help you take the "Struggle out of Self-Care" so you can begin to explore your goals, feels, and priorities again.

You can begin to explore and identify what’s "really" getting in your way. Change is waiting on you, rest is waiting on you, the best version of you is waiting on you too!  Let's break ground and create your self-care strategy together!

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